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Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Princess

TV Show : My Princess / Mai Peurinseseu / 마이 프린세스
Episodes : 16
Broadcast by : MBC
Release Date : January 5, 2011

Genre : Romance, Comedy
Language : Korean
Cast : Song Seung Heon, Kim Tae Hee, Park Ye Jin, Ryoo Soo Yeong

An ordinary college student, Lee Seol, finds out she's a princess. The grandson of Daehan Group, Park Hae Young, is put in charge of educating Seol on proper etiquette. However, Hae Young is put in a precarious situation when he finds himself drawn to Seol, the girl who will take away his inheritance if the monarchy is restored.

Honestly, I look like an idiot, smiling all the time as i was watching all episodes. Plot- The plot is a little cliche, a commoner finding out she’s rich (or royalty in this matter) and a rich guy educating her, the plot is a little similar to the Korean drama "Princess Hours", Taiwanese drama "Romantic Princess", Meg Cabot’s novel series and American Movie "Princess Diaries" and Filipino movie "You to me are everything". However, the way it is presented is totally exciting and different, not to mention, cute and hilarious.

Cast- Hallyu stars Song Seung Hun and Kim tae Hee leads the drama. I actually watched this show because of Kim Tae Hee. I only saw Song Seung Hun in Endless Love, Autumn in my heart. I’ve seen Kim Tae Hee in Love Story in Harvard and Stairway to Heaven. Tae Hee and Seung Hun’s characters are so different and they still portrayed it perfectly. Park Ye Jin (which I’ve seen from Queen Seok Dok) and Beast’s Lee Ki Kwang is also a part of the cast. I have a feeling that i’ll hate Park Ye Jin as much as I hated Han Eun Jung in Full House.

Music- Not much songs, but the ending theme sounds so bubbly, catchy, and suitable. The first episode is very interesting while Kim Tae Hee was simply outrageous and extremely talented in the second episode..Seung Hun and Tae Hee look so cute together specially in the third episode !!!

It’s my first time seeing Ki Kwang in episode 4, even though I listen to Shock i have never watched a Beast video. He looks cute and reminds me of Lee Seung Ki ! Ki Kwang’s character looked so cute int hose pink PJs in episode 5. Han Yeong irritated me in this episode. More comedy and very cute scenes in the next episodes...

Everytime the Grandfather calls Kim Tae Hee "MAMA" I get shivers.^__^. Overall the acting was done well and I enjoyed it!

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