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Friday, June 3, 2011

The Rippling Blossom

Cast: Chilam Cheung, Michael Tse Tin Wah, Myolie Wu, Damian Lau, Tavia Yeung, Koni Lui Yau Wai, Pierre Ngo, Lo Yuen Yan

Episodes: 20 | Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese, Japanese | Year: 2011

Dulu masa kecik2 mmg suka tgk citer cina.. kul 6 ptg jer mesti da duk dpn tv.. bila da besa nih tau da nk bahagi masa ngan sistematik.. ahaks~  Sy tgk citer nih on9 jer.. lau korg suka leh tgk kt SINI.. da mls nk donlot sbb ext HDD da penuh :( mls lak nk burn dlm DVD.. ok jom baca sinopsis ^.^

A Hong Kong dining mogul leaves behind a sushi restaurant to his second wife, KONG YING-YUET (Lui Yau Wai), their son, YU CHI-HIU (Michael Tse) and the son from his third wife, YU CHI-YING (Cheung Chi Lam).

HIU and YING are remarkable Japanese cuisine chefs whose main aim in life is to pursue excellence in chefhood. Although HIU and YING have different mothers, they get along very well. When their father’s first wife, LANG YUNG-YUNG (Lo Yuen Yan) creates trouble for the restaurant, HIU declares to challenge her, claiming whoever wins will have the restaurant.

YUNG sends her personal nurse, CHOI SZ-LUNG (Tavia Yeung) to get close to HIU. He is completely smitten by love for her but soon becomes unhappy with their lukewarm relationship. On the other hand, their supply for fresh food has been shut out. YING has to make a trip to Hokkaido, Japan to buy fish. He meets KEUNG KEUNG (Myolie Wu), a willful girl from a wealthy family on the plane.

They also meet MOYUNG CHING (Damian Lau) who is known as “The God of Fish” by chance in the fish market. As HIU and YING meet with setbacks in their career, family and their loved ones after their attempt to save the restaurant, the two brothers decide to have a competition. What next? ^.^

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